Mid 19th-Cen. Louis Philippe Wardrobe


Current storage condition: It need a restoration (mostly on the external surfaces). But the structure is really well kept.
Period: Mid-19th century
Origin: Southern Italy.
Height=270 cms (106.3 inches);
Width=130 cms (51.2 inches); the mirror door is 106×153 cms (41.7×60.2 inches)
Depth=60 cms (23.6 inches);
Weight=180/200 kgs ca (440 pounds ca)

Item number: M107



Elegant Louis Philippe period wardrobe of excellent quality whose structure was made of solid fir and the external part veneered in mahogany and rosewood. The structure of this wardrobe is very rigid, in fact the side parts are connected to the base and to the “hat” in addition through the pins also with wooden fixing systems that make it really rigid. At the base of the mirror door and at the top there are two wooden planks on which are connected the metal parts for fixing the mirror-door itself. Basically, this door, instead of being directly connected to the base and the top, is connected to these two strips of wood which, during the assembly phase, are connected to the side parts.

It shows a central mirror door plus two large drawers at the bottom of which the last one is defined “hidden drawer”. On the top there are some wooden sculptures.


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