Pair of Antique Corner Cabinets


Current storage condition: perfect. Already restored.
Period: late 18th Century
Origin: Southern Italy.
Height=245 cms totals (96.4 inches), 92 cms the lower body (36.2 inches) each one;
Width=80 cms (31.5 inches) each one;
Depth=80 cms (31.5 inches) each one;
Weight=80 kgs (176 pounds ca) each one

Item number: M108



Antique pair of corner cabinets from the late 1700s made entirely of solid fir and finished with dark green shabby-chic technique. They have an underlying door with a lock and a door with original glass in the upper body. Inside the upper body there are 3 shelves.

(Tag: painted, cabinets, corner, 18th-century, green)


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