Beautiful Mid 20th-Cen. Dresser

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Current storage condition: Already restored cosmetically and structurally in accordance with best practice.
Period: Mid 20th Century.
Origin: Italy.
Height=210 cms (82.7 inches)
Width=93 cms (36.6 inches)
Depth=42 cms (16.5 inches)
Weight=55 kgs ca (121.2 pounds ca)
Shipping measures: Hdowner,body=97cms, 90, 42; Hupper,body=115cms, 93, 24

Item number: M069

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Beautiful small dresser restored with the shabby technique of gray color and antiqued white-cream. It has two doors in the lower part and a small flap with four drawers, while the upper part has two glazed doors and is divided into three compartments. The shelves are adjustable. The top separates from the base for delivery.


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