About us

Specialists in the Antique business and the restoration of wood and metal products for over 30 years now.

Our History

Antichità Restauri works mainly in the restoration and sale of antiques products and vintage products.

It is a well-established family-run business that operates in this field for many years now and it is based in Puglia region (Italy) as mentioned in the section ‘Home’. The team leader, Pasquale Pomo, has gained over 30 years of experience within the antique trade sector.


Our most important jobs include lighting accessories for theatres made out of brass, retail of antique articles, work restoration employed for reception rooms, sale and manufacture of items catered for clothing stores and much more.

Thanks to the new anti-woodworm treatment approach, statues and canvas have been successfully processed in several churches all over the city of Lecce and province. Collaborations with various architects have enabled us to realize unique and original interior design structures.

Our website, antichitarestauri.net, rolls out as an e-commerce webshop for the sale of antique articles as well as vintage articles which allow you to view and purchase all the pieces physically available in our store located in Andria over which we guarantee the authenticity of every bespoke piece.


Our principles

Unlike most other antique companies which are dealing with sales only, our family business runs an own restoration workshop along with an in-house anti woodworm treatment system and thanks to that, we get the opportunity to perform, if necessary, a small additional restoration work and anti-woodworm treatment on every single item sold before being shipped to the customer. 


Interestingly enough, all these operations are ALL INCLUDED in the price of sale! We work with the claim of delivering high standard quality works. 


Every single order, from the smallest to the largest, is handled in such a way as to ensure all details are taken care of to stand out. No work is handed over unless it first meets certain specifications which, ourselves, set from the start.

We assist, with our experience, customers throughout the finishing and detail selection stages to reach excellent results that reflect, not only the late requests over the initial phase but also matching the features of the article’s age to be restored. We let ourselves be guided by our passion and we convey it through our works…

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