Wood restoration

Do you want to restore a wooden artifact?


Experience and professionalism

The outcome of a well-performed restoration comes almost always as a product of choices agreed between the client and restorer.

If these latest are, sometimes, either prone to either financial constraints or lacking knowledge on the matter, it might run the risk of not obtaining the intended results or even to make noticeable mistakes in the eyes of experts.

Every restoration should be performed by specialists in the sector who meet a certain culture on the history of the furniture art in question. As to do so, the historical-artistic value will be retained through the right choice of the methodologies and finishings to take, appropriate to the style and historical period of the artefact.

We always provide insights towards customers regarding their interested products which is driven by our knowledge, and to recommend them which type of restoration is suitable the most for the case in question, finishings are included in it. Further, we document throughout our work, the main operations carried out with photographs whereafter shared with the client. You will be able, upon request, to be drawn up your Restoration report by documenting all the work being made across descriptions as well as photographs.


We commit ourselves daily to ensure that the result of every work, from the simplest to the most complicated one, will meet indeed an high-standard quality.

The technique being used always try to mirror that of the correspondent historical age and any eventual replacement of part(s) will be made with regards to shapes and materials used in the past.

We dispose, in our workshop, of stocks of accessories and items such as forged nails, locks, keyhole cover and a lot more which we use when required. We make every effort to leave no trace of ‘’new’’ in any antique furniture.

Besides, thanks to our expertise upon the restoration of metals, we personally also look after the wiping and polishing processes of the metalware present on the furniture. The finishing processes that can be appointed to the metal parts present in the furniture differ one another, therefore they are set always together with the customer.


Care of detail

Our services

We provide a professional restoration service of both antique furniture and modern furniture, made by using conservative restorations or structural restoration/ reinstatement restorations.

When we undertake reinstatement restorations, furniture is being wiped and adjusted even internally and on the back.

We tackle also any upholstery replacement such as upholstered chairs and sofas, polishing and reparation of marbles and more. This is again thanked by the close cooperation created together with artisans of faith who can fulfil our demands and needs thoroughly to facilitate our customers and to have projects accomplished. In doing so, the customer is addressed only to communicate with us, hence, without incurring to seek out for qualified people to make refine aspects of which are not up to.

We deem being very valuable just because of the way the order is handled. We try to take care of all details firsthand, from the packaging to the shipping and delivery, this only thanks to the resources we own.

Furthermore, we perform restoration of frames, applications of gold leaf and silver leaf as well as lacquered finish on modern furniture.


Some illustrations of our wood restorations

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