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Character and culture

When working on metal elements, some of our key strengths are based on the restoration and sale of antique wrought iron-based beds as well as brass-based beds.



Elegance and majesty are the terms that best describe these types of beds.

The height of the seat motivated by expectations by the past age and combined with shapes and materials used by the earliest artisans and, together, represent a style of choice for those who decide to decorate a sleeping room with an antique bed in it.

Size components, the respective shapes and mounting details have all to be matched with their historical period.

It is far from easy to strive for criteria such as “professionalism” or “competence” concerning these furnishing elements.


The merit of the experience gained in the field along with the knowledge learned over the years, we are capable of enhancing at most an antique bed with their appropriate restoration processes.


We do know how to create blanket-descent systems, where possible, and we clean up and polish all brass-made and bronze-made sides with methods able to bring out differences between the different materials.

We reproduce the missing or too damaged parts and maintain welding operations over brass and silver-based materials. Our restorations upon metal elements stand out again and always for the quality of the work made on it.


A wide-ranging Accessories and stocks, mainly for beds, are available in our workshop, which is used upon request when it is necessary.

It may, for instance, concerning the use of bed pommel, bed foot, various friezes and what we call “bridges or links”, used to bind two single beds obtaining a king-size bed.

When we are given a metal-based bed to restore whose fundamentals parts and accessories went missing, such those just discussed earlier, we do our utmost to remould them in accordance with the original ones or, if not present in the shop, to make use of components as much pertinent as possible to the inherent style and historical age of the bed.

Finishings processes that can be derived, are different. It goes from a wooden dye colour of interest up to the natural iron effect. In practical terms, a brushed effect can be applied to the bed which will be featured next by lighter and darker areas, this will highlight all the marks the artisans had employed to label the different elements, aimed at simplifying assembly operations.


Articles on demand

Our services

As mentioned earlier, we restore wrought iron-based beds, brass-based beds, painted-panels beds, but also lamps, appliques as well as curtain accessories.

As for lamps, we undertake the cleaning of the constitutive components, resetting of any eventual missing part. We recover or realize from scratch the electrical system under the current laws and lastly, we employ some anti-oxidant protective paints, which may occur on it over time.

We certainly look after of all accessories that may be present such as, crystals, candles for the bulbs housing and much more. These last elements, when present, are being wiped with specific cleaning agents and be back to glow like old days. This holds also for lamps and applique where every operation of restoration made on it has to take the category and age of the same onboard to use the most appropriate materials and techniques for the case in point.

In addition to what has been said, we also carry out cleaning and polishing on brass-based and copper-based objects of various type such as ancient braziers, pots and more..


Some illustrations of our metal restorations

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