Terms and conditions

General Definitions

  • ‘Customer’ refers to the consumer, that is a physical or legal person who acts for purposes unrelated to the business or professional activity, possibly carried out by the purchase of a good or service.
  • ‘Seller’ refers to any individual, either a legal person or a company with legal capacity, which carries out its commercial activity in the final stages of the agreement.

1. Conditions of Sale

These conditions of sale shall establish the rights and obligations of the Customer who purchases goods or services offered through the website www.antichitarestauri.net by the company ‘Antichità Restauri’ registered to Pomo Gianfranco, based in Via Pomponio Madia, 2 – Andria (BT) – Italy , VAT number. 07580500721 – CF PMOGFR95L25A662D.

To the contract of sale applies to the provisions referred to the Articles 50 to 61 of Legislative Decree n. 206/05. The contract of sale is finalized with the completion of the buying process, with which the Customer declares to accept these conditions of sale.

These conditions of sale may be subject to updates and/or amendments by the company ‘Antichità Restauri’ and such adjustments as well as additions will be valid and effective from the date on which they will be disclosed to the public through publications on the website and this will apply to sales made as from that same date.

Notes on sale

To proceed with the delivery and relative invoicing of goods or objects, the Customer must obligatorily indicate the name, surname (company name), Tax Code or VAT number.

For purchases exceeding 2500 €, you must also send a copy of a valid ID (identity card, driving license or passport) to the email info@antichitarestauri.net therefore if you do not wish to provide the aforementioned document, please do not proceed with the purchase of the article or good.

By purchasing an article from the site www.antichitarestauri.net you agree that the purchased good may be defective, since the latter, may present scratches or dents, parts or pieces of missing frames, unglued parts, raised or missing veneers, joinery problems and other similar faults.

As far as the metalware is concerned, handles, keys as well as locks might be faulty and/or go missing. What is reported is due to the fact the aforementioned website mainly deals with antique or aged products that have inevitably been subjected to the deteriorating effect over time. The real state of the product can be verified from the technical sheet, which has always had priority over what it is described (besides, slight differences between photographs and the actual products’ features may be present as a consequence of the light effect).

By purchasing online via www.antichitarestauri.net you agree with the limitations of a photographic sale, therefore returns due to the above problems will not be accepted.

However, it should be pointed for each item shown in the website catalogue, substantial defects are highlighted both in the descriptions and in the texts aside to make it known for the Customer’s fairness and that all articles can be personally inspected in our shop to avoid any issue or misunderstanding of it.

Furthermore, as far as wooden items are concerned, before being delivered/shipped woodworm treatment is carried out free of charge just as a further form of guarantee for the customer and its safety. However, even in this case, it is specified we do not hold ourselves liable for any future woodworm issues related.

In regards to wooden items or goods, as the treatment is being foreseen, the delivery date could be postponed by a few days.


Main Italian and EU regulatory references

  • 128 e 247 del Testo unico delle leggi di pubblica sicurezza del 18 giugno 1931 n. 773;
  •  64, 65, 68 e 74 del Codice dei beni culturali e del paesaggio – D. Lgs. del 22 gennaio 2004 n. 42;
  •  Lgs. del 6 settembre 2005 n. 206 – Codice del consumo

2. Online agreement of Sale

“Online sales agreement” means a remote lease of sale related to goods and/or services provided by the company ‘Antichità Restauri’ owned by Pomo Gianfranco, drawn up between the latter and the Customer in the sales system framework via the Internet.

Conditions of this agreement concern exclusively the consumer and that will be governed by Legislative Decree 206/05.


Payment rules

The accepted forms of payment are all listed on the website www.antichitarestauri.net. The order will be confirmed only upon receipt of the bank transfer or verification of the card transfer. The order will thereby be cancelled if proof of payment is not received within 7 days from the purchasing date.

3. Shipping


The delivery of goods is usually carried out within 7 working days. However, please note that this term may vary according to the type of good, its fragility and destination. We are therefore not held responsible if this deadline is to be extended for various reasons.

Besides, please note that goods are possible to be collected personally at the established site by Antichità Restauri which will be set only after the payment has been verified.

If you are intended to collect the goods in person, since the website does automatically compute the shipping cost according to the destination throughout the European community and, in such a case, before proceeding with the purchase, you must fill out the form on the “Contacts” page of the website by stating you choose to collect the goods personally so that no shipping costs will be applied.

Notes on the shipping process

Due to organizational purposes, the collection of goods carried in person must be agreed in advance.

According to our means and skills, either the most breakable good or those of significant economic value can be delivered and taken care by Antichità Restauri, it being understood this choice must be arranged upfront, it must remain at the discretion of Antichità Restauri and that, as a consequence, the shipping costs may vary from those computed by the website. However, here too, we invite you not to proceed directly with the relative purchase but to fill out first the form on the “Contacts” page to establish the shipping methods and costs accordingly (this concerns both brittle goods or significant economic value ones).

Packaging methods

The right packaging of objects or antiques goods is a delicate and important procedure. The integrity of goods over transportation relies very much upon the packaging process, hence, for the most fragile goods, it may be necessary to disassemble the most delicate parts (when possible). The packaging is always carried out with care and attention.

Depending on the case, this operation may postpone the delivery date by a few days.

Notes on packaging

If the customer will collect goods through his private courier, the latter will be responsible to verify the suitability of the packaging as well as goods conditions and, upon collection, there will be the need for signing the “Transport and goods acceptance” bill. By signing the delivery note, the carrier certifies that goods are suitably to be transported. Any following complaints caused by transport damage will be rejected even though the recipient considers the packaging as insufficient.

4. Sale abroad

The sale abroad of goods of a valuable historical interest with over 50 years of age requires an export permit (Articles 10 and 11 of Legislative Decree 42/2004).

You can request the export permit on behalf of the Customer at no additional cost only if indicated at the time of the purchase. It may take up to 40 days before the request will be processed by the Fine Arts of Bari.

Antichità Restauri is not responsible for any problem or impediment that involves delays or the non-acceptance of the request.

5. Right to withdraw

According to art. 64 of Legislative Decree 206/05, the Customer can withdraw from the agreement by communicating it to Antichità Restauri with a registered letter along with a return receipt, which has to be shipped within 10 working days from the collection or delivery date of the goods.

The practice of the right to withdraw will not entail any the expense for the customer except on transport costs due to the shipping and returning of the goods.

The right of withdrawal can only be exercised by a physical person, hence, purchases in which a VAT number reference is entered in the order form cannot benefit from this right.

The refund will be issued as a bank transfer within 30 days of receipt of the goods and sent on the bank account provided by the customer. Please note that the reimbursement will be undertaken within the aforementioned term, if and only if, further to the conformity assessment of the product as well as its integrity, the latter is proved to be adequate.

6. Guarantees

A certificate of authenticity will be issued when purchasing an antique or dated item. On purchases of modern antiques, this certificate loses its meaning and is therefore not issued.

7. Customer service

For any enquiry please contact Antichità Restauri by mail at info@antichitarestauri.net, or by phone +39 0883 594344 (Italy) and by mail at a.pacifico@antichitarestauri.net or by phone +31 06 33149117 (Abroad).


8. Disclaimer

This website www.antichitarestauri.net has been drawn up with great care and attention. However, the accuracy and completeness of the information included cannot be guaranteed.

Antichità Restauri is therefore not held responsible under no circumstances for any activities undertaken on the grounds of the information provided on this website.

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