– Questions related to purchase

Are the catalogue products up to date?

Sure. Our site is continuously updated and all the items inside are available for sale. If an item has been booked or sold, we will immediately indicate it in the catalog.

What type of payment method do you accept?

We do accept payments via bank transfer and cards. Any type of bank cards belonging to the Visa and Mastercard circuits may be used. Besides, these types of payments methods are managed by the Stripe system, the payment management system chosen by many companies, which guarantees thorough security of it.

Please, make sure that products are shipped only after receiving the payment.

What guarantees do you provide on your products?

All antiques as well as vintage items are insured by a Certificate of Authenticity. This document will be drawn up by the time we receive the order. It will be sent either by e-mail together with the receipt of the purchase or to be enclosed to the packaging in the original format. The certificate of authenticity reports, for each purchase, its description, historical period, origins, size and weight of it. Furthermore, this document comes with a photo, stamp and signature.


– Questions related to woodworm and mite treatment

What guarantees do you offer over this type of treatment?

Every treated product, with our system, is covered by a 5 years Guarantee certificate. However, this certificate will be valid only if the treated items will not be placed, after the treatment, next to other woodworms objects. Please note that the 5-year term guarantee has been considered to cover the effectiveness of the treatment and it is just meant as an approximated time for it and to rather consider that the duration of the treatment will be much longer if the necessary precautions will be taken appropriately.

How do I know if I have got a woodworm-eaten piece of furniture in the house?

Absolutely yes. Our system has been patented to treat both fabrics of all types and wood.

If a piece of furniture is woodworm-eaten, are the others not woodworm-eaten at risk?

If some objects or furniture are woodworm-eaten, there are many chances the woodworm also shows up on others. When the presence of woodworm on some pieces has been ascertained to preserve all other undamaged, the woodworm-eaten pieces should be set up in a room and, if possible, kept it shut so that the damaged pieces will be processed first.

Do you carry out inspections to verify the presence of woodworm throughout Italy only?

Yes, we do.

How does it work with delivery and collection once the presence of woodworms has been detected?

Once the presence of woodworm has been ascertained, depending on your (customers’) needs, it will be agreed a day where to collect the worm-eaten item. Articles will be handed back within a week over Italian locations.

Do you deliver and collect in Italy only?

It is appropriate to define ahead when, how, where to deliver and collect the products, and, according to the type of goods and the recipient location, it will all be evaluated afterwards. That is not an issue if shipped nationwide while for foreign destinations it is necessary to evaluate whether that is possible or not.

– Questions related to shipping

What couriers do you use for shipments?

We rely mainly on MBE shipping company, which also allows a parcel tracking, through absolute-trust private couriers, and, in case the most fragile items are involved, our company will take care of it firsthand, as our presence is needed for any possible assembly. A possible agreement between us and the customer, about which courier to pick from, will depend on the product(s) purchased and shipping times.

What are the delivery timings?

Delivery times are generally between 7 working days for Italian destinations, while for foreign destinations it may take few more days. However, depending on the size and type of article, delivery times may be extended further by a few more days. Please note that antique products require special packaging which cannot always be prepared promptly.

How does packaging work like?

According to the type of article, the packaging is custom-tailored through the use of cartons, polystyrene, pallets or wooden crates with the interests of ensuring, upon arrival, the product integrity. The packaging material can be kept by the customer afterwards. It is always recommended to check the correctness of the shipping address and a telephone number reference, in case it is needed.

Are the articles covered by insurance?

When the products are delivered by our personnel, it is our company who is personally responsible for it/them.At the contrary, when we rely on shipping couriers, the insurance can be activated by paying additional costs.

Do you also, ship abroad?

Yes, we do. We can ship worldwide. However, direct purchases from our webshop are only allowed for European destinations, while for any Non-European countries, the purchase must be arranged beforehand. Outside the European countries, deliveries may vary according to the type of article and the place of arrival.

– Questions related to sales

What articles can Antichita Restauri buy from you?

We can buy either antiques or vintage articles, this depends on the state and type of item exclusively. If you own an article to sell, you can send us all the documentation through our forms and you will hear as soon as possible from us about whether that article proposed is of our interest or not.

Do you make estimations on antique trade articles?

Yes, we do. These are subject to a charge.

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